Changing the world doesn’t
happen overnight…

In fact, Ryan McFarland, the founder of Strider Bikes, didn’t even set out to change the world. He just wanted to share his passion for bikes and motorcycles with his 2-year-old son, Bode.

The Problem

Ryan was a bit obsessed with that passion…to the point of spending over $2,000 worth of traditional learn-to-ride vehicles (ride-on toys, tricycles, training-wheel bikes, and even a training-wheel-equipped motorcycle). However, as he observed his eager young boy trying to operate these machines, he realized that they were all too large, too heavy, and too complicated. Plus, they didn’t focus on the fundamental skill of balance. The solution was either to wait a couple of years for his son to grow or build him a better machine – so he created the better machine!

The First Strider Bike

Ryan stripped, chopped, sanded, cut, and welded on Bode’s little 12″ bike until he came up with what would become the very first Strider Bike. It was super light, sized perfectly for Bode, and allowed him to put both feet on the ground. Bode took to the simple, lightweight machine immediately. Having such good control of the little bike boosted his confidence and advanced his skills quickly. People started noticing Bode riding his Strider around town. Ryan realized that it wasn’t just Bode who could benefit from his little garage creation; kids around the world could experience the same success, adventure, and freedom.

Strider was established in 2007 in Rapid City, SD, USA and the world has changed a lot since then. We’ve sold nearly 4 million bikes to families around the world! We also have authorized dealers and distributors in over 75 countries. Crazy right?!

A community, not just a bike

Our passion doesn’t stop once the box is opened and the child takes their first strides on their new bike. Nope. We decided to go big or go home, so we created exclusive Strider Events. We wanted to build an entire community of Strider riders who could come together for a chance to show off their skills and for families to socialize around Strider and share their stories. Offering both recreational and competitive events, Strider brings children and parents together to meet new people and make new friends. These events are exclusive to Strider riders and provide a family-friendly venue to grow their appetite for riding while creating memories for life.