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What is a Balance Bike?

It’s in the name: Balance bikes teach young kids about the art of balancing as simply as possible — without pedals, a drivetrain, or brakes.

Balance bikes are best for helping young kids to learn to ride a bike. These bikes teach young kids about the art of balancing and can help train kids to get ready for a regular cycle. These simplified bikes come without pedals, a drivetrain, and brakes.

Riding a bike is a task that requires coordination and includes pedaling, balancing, steering, and braking. It is not advisable to overwhelm kids with teaching so many skills at a time. So, balance bikes are more beneficial as they focus on only balance and steering. And these are the two most essential skills to master the skill of cycling.

Here is a guide on balance bikes, the suitable ages for a balance bike, and its benefits.

Suitable Ages for a Balance Bike:

Balance bikes are generally suitable for kids aged 2 to 5 years. In addition, smaller bikes are also ideal for 18 months kids. Even, you can find balance bikes for older children. So, there is no age limit for a balance bike. It is up to you whenever you want your child to learn cycling and have fun.

Balance bikes are without pedals, and gears are lighter in weight, making it easier for younger kids to ride on. In this way, kids can learn to balance on two wheels and get training to ride a pedal bike.

They are lightweight, so it means these bikes are easy to handle, even for toddlers to straddle and walk. 18 months old kids can also enjoy and have fun by sitting in the seat and learning to run.

Benefits of a Balance Bike:

Following are the top benefits of balance bikes.

  1. One Skill at a Time
    One of the most significant benefits of a balance bike is it allows kids to learn one skill. It is difficult for kids to learn to pedal, balance, and steer at a time. Balance bikes are easy to ride and require one skill at a time. First, kids need to sit on the bike and learn to balance with their feet kept on the floor. When they move their feet forward, they can learn about the arms steering direction of the cycle. In this way, kids constantly move their feet while balancing. As a result, it increases their motor and coordination skills.
  2. Build Confidence
    Riding a bike needs skills. It is not easy for kids to learn riding a bike at once. In the start, kids have feelings of fear and frustration due to falling off the bike, losing handling, and misbalancing. In this case, kids may feel discouraged and scared to ride a bike. So, balance bikes are an ideal choice for young kids because these bikes are low to the ground and easy to use. Younger kids, even toddlers, can easily learn to ride a balance bike quickly. They feel optimistic, self-assured, and confident in their skills.
  3. Strong Control
    Another essential thing is robust control and balancing. Balance bike offers good power to a toddler that ensures safe riding in future. A balance bike can help kids feel safe and secure, and it is easy to ride as well. Hence, children learn to control the bike and maintain their balance while riding. Moreover, when they grow older, it becomes easy for them to control the standard bike with pedals and gears.
  4. Development Skills
    In addition to the above benefits, balance bikes offer a lot of developmental benefits. It can improve motor skills, such as teaching kids how to turn corners. They also start to understand three-dimensional awareness, like how to deal with minor obstacles. In addition, it activates the vestibular system that helps them to balance and move quickly. One of the most significant benefits is achieving milestones like climbing stairs, walking backwards, etc.
  5. Exercising
    Kids can enjoy riding a bike as fun, and it offers an excellent way for kids to move and exercise. Even toddlers love to ride a balance bike. It allows them to do full-body exercises while having a fun experience. As a result, they develop healthy habits, and multiple movement exercises can help them remain active. Not only this, but riding a balance bike involves the movement of the full-body, so it teaches kids to learn motor skills.
  6. Safer Option
    Balance bikes come with a seat that is closer to the ground compared to a regular cycle. If the little kids fall, so there are fewer chances of getting injured. In addition, kids can ride on balance bikes as fast as they want. So, they are also safe from fast-speed crashes.

If you want to teach your toddler to ride a bike with confidence, learn the art of balance and experience freedom, you can choose Strider Balance Bikes. It will give them the confidence to explore the world around them.