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A boy on an orange Strider 12 Sport balance bike smiles and raises a fist in the air

Riding a Bike Improves Brain Power

Sure, riding a bike is fun and healthy, but did you know there is another reason to get your toddler on a balance bike: The development of balance in toddlers leads to better cognitive learning!

Riding a bike is fun!

Strider Balance Bikes are a blast!

Riding a bike is a healthy habit that creates active kids that become active adults!

There is no doubt that you can easily believe and understand these statements. Yet, there is another reason entirely to get your toddler (and babies! Check out our 2-in-1 Rocking Bike) on a balance bike: The development of balance in toddlers leads to better cognitive learning!

Strider Balance Bikes are one of the best ways to improve balance in toddlers, in fact, that has been scientifically proven. But balance is not just a physical skill.

Marjorie Woollacott, Ph.D., a professor of human physiology states, “Balance is a pillar beneath every skill we have.” Balance plays a huge role in the overall development of children. Underdeveloped balance can lead to reading difficulties and delayed learning development.

There are all kinds of scientific explanations, but it essentially boils down to this. The three parts of physical balance are the eyes, body, and ears. Babies are born with inner ear balance. As they become toddlers, they engage the visual and begin to develop the bodily strength to increase their sense of balance. All of these systems must work together to form balance. For a baby and toddler, to get these three aspects of balance to work together takes a lot of brainpower. That brain power and the same three systems are required for all of the learning they will do. The more physical balance is practiced and perfected, the more it will become instinctual. When less brainpower and concentration are needed to focus on physical balance, more of the brain can be devoted to learning.

Riding a bike isn’t just fun and games. It is helping our toddlers prepare for better grades in school. But that can be our little secret! And don’t forget, Strider Balance Bikes aren’t only for toddlers: Check out our 14-inch balance bike, the 14x Sport, which transitions easily from balance to pedal bike.