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Raise a More Confident Child with Strider Bikes

Self-confidence is not inherited; it’s learned. The Strider Bikes line-up provides the right tools to teach children the Learn-To-Ride process that develops confident, independent children.

Growing up isn’t easy – Between meeting new people, learning a new skill, or starting a new school kids are faced with new challenges daily. Children are constantly faced with new experiences and uncharted territories. As adults, we can tend to lose sight of how much kids are learning and the bravery it can sometimes take. Gaining confidence at an early age helps children grow into healthy adults. There is no better, or more fun, way to foster that confidence than on a Strider Bike! The following are just a few ways Strider Bikes not only teach kids to ride at an early age, but life lessons as well.

Kids Gain Control

Each model of Strider Bikes are specifically designed and engineered to fit the proportions of a young child. A bike that fits a child correctly means it’s easier to use and feels more secure to the child. Falling is part of riding a bike, but can be scary at first and can deter a child from wanting to learn how to ride. With a Strider Bike, the child’s feet can plant securely on the ground. This feeling of safety, of knowing that they’re in control, gives them the confidence they need to try new things and begin the progression process of bike riding. Learning to fall, to get back up, and not to be afraid of falling again is one of the biggest confidence-building skills that a Strider Bike can provide.

Promote Independence

For kids, riding a bike can take them farther than they have ever gone before. There’s a sense of freedom and adventure that comes with learning how to ride a bike. At Strider, we fully believe in the freedom that two wheels give and the adventures that are waiting right around every corner. With Strider Balance Bikes, the learn-to-ride progression comes naturally and sparks independence and courage. That same independence and courage promote exploration that can take the form of day trips and outings, new hobbies, vacations, and trips with teammates or schoolmates. These can all expand your child’s horizons and build confidence in the ability to handle new situations.

Learning To Take Calculated Risks

Taking risks is something adults do every day. Healthy risks encourage confidence, and learning how to ride a Strider Bike promotes taking those risks. Kids have to take chances, make choices, and take responsibility for those risks. Healthy risks are important because they foster confidence in new abilities and reinforce confidence in existing abilities. If the child is successful at taking a healthy risk, then he or she has gained confidence in that activity. If the child fails, no harm is done, and a lesson is learned. Healthy risk-taking is a tool that helps define, develop, and reinforce their identity. By learning to ride a Strider Bike, children can engage in healthy risk-taking behaviour that leads to a boosted confidence.

Tackle Small, Realistic Goals

Learning a new skill comes from learning a series of smaller progressions that build upon each other. With each progression learned, we build the foundation upon which an entirely new skillset is built. Instead of trying to tackle everything in one big chunk, tackling smaller, more manageable pieces is a far better solution. In fact, this step-by-step progression is part of what helps build confidence in kids. Children need small, manageable goals. With each small step, children embrace a “can-do” attitude that builds until the child masters an ultimate skill. Our Learn-To-Ride guides break down the bike riding process into a series of progressions that are easy for kids to understand, and that helps to boost their confidence.

Promote Healthy Competition and Camaraderie

Confidence comes from having a sense of competence. The two go hand in hand. Confident children need positive and realistic perceptions of their abilities. These perceptions come from their achievements, both big and small. While encouraging words and praising your child’s specific abilities is great, one of the best ways a child can gain a sense of their competency is through exhibiting their skills to peers and themselves. Our Strider Cup Races provide a safe and constructive atmosphere for children to recognise their achievements and challenge themselves. Riders of all abilities are welcome to participate in our races and are exclusive to Strider Bike owners. These events not only provide a way for children to gain confidence and pride, but they also experience a sense of camaraderie and family.

Self-confidence is not inherited; it’s learned. A positive self-image has long-term effects on behaviour, achievement, and even health. From our 2-in-1 Rocking Bike to the 14-inch balance bike the 14x Sport, the Strider Bikes line-up provides the right tools to teach children the Learn-To-Ride process that develops confident, independent children who grow into happy, healthy adults.