Boy learning to ride a bicycle on a blue balance bike in the autumn
Developmental Health / April 15, 2020

Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike Without Training Wheels


Forget tricycles and forget training wheels. Toddlers and kindergarteners can be pedalling, unassisted, alongside their older siblings and parents in no time.

Ever wondered, “How do I teach my child to ride a bike?” Luckily, Strider Bikes makes it easy for parents and kids. The innovative 14 inch balance bike, patented 14x Sport is a 2-in-1 bike that teaches balance first, and only later focuses on pedalling.

“Every child now has the ability to bike before entering first grade,” says inventor Ryan McFarland, CEO and Chief Enthusiast at Strider Bikes. “In the world of kids’ bikes, this marks a turning point.”

Green Strider balance bike with child
Child riding a blue 14x Strider balance bike

McFarland and his Strider Bike team have been helping little riders learn to bike since 2007. They recognised that toddlers are capable of mastering balance well before their leg muscles are ready to meet the demands of pedalling.

With the Strider 14x Sport Balance Bike, Strider now offers a bike that arrives in balance bike mode and includes a separate pedal kit. Once a child gains confidence, balance, and coordination, the pedals can be easily attached and make the transition smooth and easy.

“Even if your children have never previously straddled a bike, they will be able to balance and pedal proficiently with independence and confidence,” McFarland says.

two children riding balance bikes in a park
Boy on a children's blue balance bike by a lake

The Strider 14x Sport is the ultimate learn-to-ride bike. It is stable, and the seat and handlebars are fully adjustable, making it easier for the child to turn the pedals once they are attached. Children can effortlessly control the 14x since it is the proper ratio of the bike’s weight to the child’s weight.

“Before entering first grade is a critical time in the lives of our children when parents can inspire them to choose healthy, fun, and empowering activities,” McFarland says. “Bicycling is a great way to peel children away from their mobile devices and screens and get them engaged in outdoor activities.”

The Strider 14x is designed for kids ages 3 to 7 years old. Each 14x Sport includes a “Learn To Ride – Stride Guide” and “Learn To Ride – Pedal Guide,” providing parents a proven instructional method to ensure riding success for their child. It certainly takes the guesswork out of teaching a child to ride a bike and inspires families to get out and ride together.

BY Emily Brown