Banner image showing boy riding green Strider bicycle for children
Developmental Health / June 18, 2020

Strider 12 Sport –Best Selling Model


The Strider 12 Sport is the most recommended model in the Strider line-up. It’s great value; here are just a few reasons why:

Boy riding on green Strider balance bike
Two children riding small balance bikes in yellow and pink

Quick Release Clamps: With just one pull of the lever, both the handlebar and seat height can be adjusted. No tools needed. This makes sharing a bike or making adjustments for growing children quick and easy. If only potty training and getting kids to eat their green were this easy!

MiniGrips: The mini grips are designed to perfectly fit little hands. They provide a soft-touch material when riding over bumpy terrain.They help keep those tiny toddlers happier longer.

Ergonomically-Padded Performance Seat: The Strider 12 Sport is recommended for children ages 18 months to 5 years old. The seat height ranges from 11 –19 inches to keep up with your growing child. The seat has a narrow design to accommodate toddler hip spacing for nice, wide strides. The padding adds comfort. A winning combination!

Built-in Footrest: The integrated footrest provides extra grip. As your child gains confidence and increases balance, their feet won’t slip or slide as they coast down the path.

Ultralight Wheels:The EVA-Polymer Tires are maintenance-free. They never need to be inflated and never go flat. The Sealed Cartridge Bearings protect from gunk and muck, keeping the entire wheel maintenance-free.

Handlebar Pad: Not only does the handlebar pad add some Genuine Strider style, but it also provides extra protection for when toddlers decide to take the “fun” route with extra bumps and jumps.

Young toddler on a red Strider balance bike
Girl in the UK on a red Strider 12 Sport balance bike

We know both you and your little one will love our kids' balance bikes, especially the 12 inch balance bike, the Strider 12 Sport. Enjoy the ride! Stride On!

BY Emily Brown