Child riding a red strider sport with black wheels inside
Developmental Health / May 4, 2020

Four-Week Study Shows Strider Bikes Help Toddlers Improve Balance and Coordination


A study conducted at the University of South Dakota’s Division of Kinesiology and Sport Science concluded what we at Strider Sports International already knew, Strider Bikes help increase balance in preschool-age children. Now science proves it! The study was conducted over four weeks with three to five-year-old children and concluded that participants benefited from using a Strider Bike by improving their balance and functional fitness, while likely reducing future injuries during their daily routines.

After four weeks of targeted training with a Strider Bike, the data analysis showed a “significant improvement” in the Limit of Stability scores (the subject’s ability to lean in different directions without a loss of balance) for the experimental group. The study concluded that there could be many benefits from broader knowledge that balance bikes are a tool for improving stability in three to five-year-old children and are possibly a safer alternative to using training wheels for bicycle riding acclimatisation.

Boy riding down a skate ramp with a orange Strider balance bike
Boy on a ramp with a yellow Strider sport balance bike in green

“This scientific proof is truly groundbreaking for us at Strider Sports,” says Ryan McFarland, Founder and CEO of Strider Sports International, Inc. “We have witnessed thousands of anecdotal instances of children learning balance and coordination after using a Strider Bike. Now the empirical evidence has been gathered and supports what we have seen for years – the Strider Bike significantly improves a child’s gross motor skill development as it relates to balance. This, in turn, lets toddlers and young children enjoy life on two wheels like never before!”

“We think the results of this study are fascinating,” says Andrew Shim, Department Chair of the University of South Dakota Division of Kinesiology and Sport Science. “According to our data collected from the study, the Strider Bike product really does increase balance in 3-5 year old riders. Ultimately, this increase in balance may eliminate the need for training wheels and tricycles.”
There is one more point to make, and we don’t need science to prove it, kids LOVE to ride Strider Bikes. Their smiles, laughter, and excitement are all the proof we need.

Young boy with a blue balance bike outside
Boy on beach with a yellow 14x balance bike

BY Emily Brown